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Can I Fix my own TV?

Yes you can but you must note the following.

Any advice given to you is advice, unfortunately it is not gospel. Our advice cannot be guaranteed as we are unable to physically examine your television. If you take on DIY repair of your television, we are to assume that you are asserting that you are competent at doing so and are aware of any potential damage you could cause to your set by not installing parts incorrectly.

Our staff are very experienced in their field however all advice is based on common fault patterns through knowledge of years of experience by technical staff, they cannot guarantee this advice will be correct, only physical examination of your television can give rise to fully confident diagnostics and consequent repair.
For this reason, the advice given to any customer by any of our staff by any form of communication is to be used in conjunction with common-sense and your own technical ability.
If you are not experienced or competent in DIY TV repair then we highly suggest that the television in question is taken to a qualified repair technician.
Spares2Repair is therefore not liable for any consequent damage or loss for installation of parts with or without our advice.

If you refuse to take your set to a technician in the first instance and then ask our advice, we assume that you are knowledgeable enough to fix your own television, we cannot instil years of experience in one phone call to a customer I'm afraid nor does any of our advice replace good old fashioned common sense.

IMPORTANT: Diagnosis and repair of televisions is not without its risks.
Before working with electricity and televisions always read and follow any relevant manuals and safety instructions.
When working with electricity always turn off the mains.
Plasma televisons and parts especially carry high residual voltages even when they are unplugged: be sure to handle all parts appropriately and with great care, if you are unsure how to do this you should always consult an appropriate professional.